Creating unique and handmade jewelry-
inspired by our time on the road.

While Gage & Madison’s love story began in 2010, their beloved business, Vancrafted Studio was established in 2014. They had just finished up their time at Northern Michigan University and were dead set on living life on their own terms. This led to purchasing a quirky old white van and outfitting it to become their home. Madison had an interesting non negotiable- she was bringing her jewelry studio with them. After a little hasty preparation, they packed up their tools, lives, their puppy Tobin, and embarked on what would be a life changing, formative journey- a road trip with no end date in mind.

In the following years, the trio traveled the USA, stopping here and there to work odd jobs and generate a little gas money. During their travels, Madison would unscrew the removable jewelry bench that Gage built her, and prop it up wherever she deemed inspiring. She would make jewelry in wildflower fields, gorgeous mountain valleys, and alongside rushing rivers all across the country. Creating jewelry on the road, with no electricity or running water was hard work. While the inspiration was endless, she had to develop tenacity, grit and discipline to make that little mobile jewelry studio function. She credits this formative time as what made her the driven jeweler and diligent business owner that she is today.

If you would have told 22 year old Madison that Vancrafted Studio would one day become not only her full time job, but Gage’s too, she would have likely laughed with doubt, because the beginnings were so slow and humble. But, if you would have told Gage that same sentiment, he wouldn’t have doubted it for a second. You see, without Gage’s unwavering support and whole hearted belief in his partner, the evolution of this story could have taken a different turn completely.

Where we are today

Fast forward to the present day, and you’ll find that things have drastically changed for the couple. Gage has been working full time with Madison, on Vancrafted Studio since January 2020. They sold the van, got married, bought a house, and even got their dog Tobin, a little sister named Spur.

Their home is nestled deep in the woods, just outside of Bozeman, Montana. Views of mountain ranges are in sight from the windows of their home. In the summer months, moose come through their yard almost daily. They do have to lock their cars still, because the occasional black bear also likes to stop over looking for snacks. They love how wild and quiet it is out there. It reminds them of life on the road.

But arguably, the best part about their new home is the jewelry studio that it came equipped with. You see, the nice man that sold them the house was a woodworker and had his walk out basement set up for creating. He had a ventilation system, a sink, even a little bathroom. This space was a metalsmith's dream, and they felt that it was fate that they ended up here.

Today, the couple creates jewelry alongside one another, out of their home studio nestled in the mountains. Inspiration and adventure are never far away, and that’s just how they like it. What remains of the van is Gage and Madison’s life lessons learned from being on the road, that they proudly carry with them through life.

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