Shop Update Guide

Welcome to our shop update guide!

You’re likely here because except for our virtual online classes, of course. You are probably wondering how you can take home a piece of our handmade jewelry for yourself or for a loved one, so please allow me to explain!


We work out of our Bozeman, Montana based jewelry studio to periodically build inspired collections of jewelry. Due to the slow nature of our detailed processes, the quantities that we have the capability to produce are far from the descriptor ‘mass’. Our collections of handmade jewelry are small, extremely curated.They usually consist of no more than 100 pieces, but never say never.




Please check out some of our most frequently asked questions, when it comes to purchasing a piece from one of our shop updates.

What’s the link to where your shop updates will take place?

There will be a link to shop on the homepage of our website.

Should I sign up for your newsletter or text message marketing?

Yes! We highly recommend signing up for our newsletter and our text message marketing opt in. It will keep you in the loop with important updates regarding our shop updates & beyond. It also gives you an inside look at select pieces ahead of our launch, so you can be extra prepared. There will be a pop up window inviting you to join in both.

How many pieces will you have in the collection?

It varies. Generally, we will offer around 70 pieces, even though that number can fluctuate.

How can I see what will be available ahead of time?

Please be sure to follow us on Instagram at @vancraftedstudio.We will be previewing every single piece that will be available in our shop updates within 24 hours of its launch.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We offer payment plans through Afterpay. You will see this as an option at checkout.

Do you do custom work?

No, we do not have the capacity to offer custom work. 

Should I set an alarm?

Yes! If you are planning to arrive to one of our shop updates for your new favorite piece of jewelry, then we highly encourage you to set an alarm, maybe even a few. We are so humbled and grateful to report that for the last few years, our shop updates have been selling out very quickly.

Are the items held in my cart while I am shopping?

No, items are not held in your cart while shopping. We suggest that you go on our website, and check out for what you want the most, then go back in for more after. That way, you won’t risk losing your favorite pieces to someone else. If you end up paying for shipping more than once, kindly send us an email at with your order numbers, and name. We can get you refunded for the overage, no problem.

When do you ship?

Hi! Gage here. I am in charge of our shipping department. I make it a point to pack up all orders the very next day after the shop update took place. Every now and again it takes place a few days after, but that’s rare. It’s important to me that we get your handmade jewelry out to you as soon as possible.

Does the piece(s) come in a box?

Yes! We have the sweetest packaging. Your piece of jewelry will come ready for gift giving whether it’s a gift to self or for someone else.

What if I entered the wrong mailing address at checkout?

We can fix that if you email us as soon as possible! If this happens, please just send an email to & please include your order number(s).

If I bought things on a few different orders, can you combine shipping?

Yes! We would be happy to combine your orders to save on shipping for you and any unnecessary waste. If this happens please send and email to at your earliest convenience. Please include your order numbers.

Do you offer returns?

In the rare chance of one of our products arrives to you broken, or not up to our high standard please reach out directly to within 10 days of your packages arrival, so that we can promptly remedy this. We ask that you be sure about your purchase before acting on it, as we do not offer returns on our pieces.

Do you have any tips on securing a piece?

Yes, I have a few!

-Use PayPal. It stores your information & makes the checkout process much smoother and faster.

-Arrive to our shop update a few minutes early, and refresh the page until you see the products appear. We usually hit ‘go’ on our end a minute early to ensure that all of the products successfully make it. This tip aids dedicated shoppers quite a bit.

-Decide what you want ahead of time, and go for it! You will be able to see every piece that we will have available on our Instagram stories within the 24 hours leading up to the launch of the shop update. Follow us at @vancraftedstudio here. 









Do you have more questions about
our process?

Reach out directly!

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