Intermediate Metalsmithing: Build 3 Types of Handmade Ear Wires Class FAQ

How much does the class cost?

What do I get out of this class?
When you purchase this class you will be automatically emailed a bundle of class material. This includes a high quality video of Madison walking you through the entire process of making three handmade, sterling silver ear wires for earrings start to finish; a Tool Checklist with links directly to each item; and a pdf document PACKED full of resources, like where and how to source materials for future metalsmithing endeavors & some of Madison’s personal tips & tricks. On top of all of that, your class content will come with a one time use, unique, 10% off select items at Rio Grande Jewelry Supply.

What project will we be working on?
Together we are going to create three different types of handmade, sterling silver ear wires for earrings. Check out @vancraftedstudio Instagram to find more examples of what we’ll be making in class.

Are tools included in the purchase of the class?
No, tools will need to be purchased independently of the class. If you’ve attempted to simply get started at metalsmithing, and more specifically at making handmade ear wires, then you may know what a huge obstacle it is to find the right tools and supplies for the job. That’s why we have made it super simple for you, by telling you exactly what you need for this project, and providing links to those items. We will even go over in detail what gauge wire to use for earrings. Additionally, we provide two options for each tool at two different price points, to give you maximum flexibility. We will also give our recommendation on when it might be worth it to splurge on a nicer tool, & when it will suffice to stick to the more economic version.

Will there be some sort of discount on tools from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply?
YES!! We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Rio Grande Jewelry Supply Company for this class, and they have decided to offer our students an exclusive 10% off, one time use discount code on select items. This will come with your class content after purchase.

About how much money will all of the tools & supplies cost?
We have provided an affordable option and a higher end option for each tool on our list. We also give our recommendation on when it might be worth it to splurge on a nicer tool, & when it will suffice to stick to the more economic version. With those options totally up to you, but you can spend as little as $300 on the full tool list, or as much as $800. The final number will depend fully on your preference.

I took your Intro to Metalsmithing Ring Building Class- since I already own a good amount of tools, how much more will I have to spend on tools for this class?
 If you have taken our Intro to Metalsmithing Ring Building Class, and purchased the tool list, you will have most of the tools needed for this class already. You will have to buy a few additional tools at a cost of around $150. Don’t forget about that discount code from Rio Grande, this time around either.

Are there any skill requirements?
YES! This is an INTERMEDIATE level class. We will not be teaching how to do the following basic metalsmithing skills. Please take our first class, Intro to Metalsmithing Ring Building Class

 if you aren’t equipped with them yet.

- Basic soldering skills
- Soldering station setup
- Basic sawing skills
- How to set up your soldering station
- How to install saw blades

The only other requirement is an optimistic & positive attitude, because nobody said metalsmithing was easy!

Will you be offering more classes?
YES! We definitely will be. Future classes will range in topic, skill level, price, intensity and more. We are looking forward to this new role of educators. If you have a topic suggestion, on what you’d like to learn from us please shoot Gage an email at

Can I get a refund?
We are not offering refunds because once you see & have this information, it cannot be undone. It is your responsibility to read through all the details before purchasing our class.

Can I watch the video any time/as many times as I want to?
Yes! After purchase this content is yours to keep. You can rewatch the video at any time and as often as you want. All of the written resources are yours as well. We want you to succeed at jewelry making and found this to be the best setup for it. Work on your own time, at your own pace.

Can I share the class content with my friend?
Absolutely not. When purchasing your seat in class you are buying the class for you and you only. It is illegal to share this content with anyone. Who downloads the class content & where is visible to us, & if we suspect that the class is being illegally shared, we will take legal action.

Will the class be available all the time or just on certain release dates?
We will be releasing seats in the class in batches of 150 at a time to be able to better serve our students with questions & customer service.
Will I be able to ask questions or interact with other students in the class?
Yes! This is a part of the class that we are so excited about. The comment section below the video will act as a “public” forum. You can comment there to ask questions. I will be looking at it as often as possible and will answer questions there so everyone can see my answer. If you had a question, it’s likely that someone else had the same one. We also want you to feel free to interact with one another in the comment section. Having a community and support system can be really valuable.

Will this class teach me how to source materials in the future?
Yes! We will be leaving you with many resources in your hand. These resources include where to buy tools, where to buy metal, where to buy stones, and even how to purchase. After taking this class you will be set up to succeed in further endeavors.
Can I do this out of my home?
Yes! I started making jewelry when I was living in my van, then eventually moved it to my tiny kitchen table, and now I run my business in a super small second bedroom. Anything is possible! Just note- if you plan to work on a surface you don’t want to impact you should think about putting a sheet pan under your soldering station and/or a piece of wood over the surface to protect it.