Creating unique and handmade jewelry- all while on the open road.

Vancrafted Studio was founded in 2014. After graduating from Northern Michigan University School of Art and Design I moved into a Chevy Express van on a quest to find America. In the first years, my boyfriend Gage and our Australian Shepard Tobin traveled from coast to coast and back again. During that time I began to hammer out a system of a jewelry studio on wheels. Gage built me a removal jewelry bench in our van that gave me the opportunity to work anywhere and everywhere. Our cooler doubled as my chair, and tools of all kinds began to line the walls of our van. Like a Bronze Age metalsmith I worked without the conveniences of a modern jewelry studio. Overcoming the limitations of working on the road made me the jeweler I am today. Every piece I make contains the lessons I learned on the road and I will always be humbled by those experiences.

In recent months we have parked our home in our very own driveway. Vancrafted Studio now is based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin thanks to Gage landing a cool trails job.

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